Video and dance performance, 8.38 min, 2021, Visby. Kristina Frank and Unn Dahlman.

A meeting between animator and dancer. We explore and reflect on themes as isolation, boundaries, fear of spreading infection and sense of unreality.

Underwaterlibrary, Bergmancenter 2020

Mobilis in mobili

Video 5 minutes

Book consisting of five chapters.

Music: Klas Hjortstam.


Sterioskopic film 1,5 min

Dive helmet made of cardboard which gives an VR experience of moving through the underwater landscape.

Underwaterlibrary -

mobilis in mobili

Video installation 2020

An animator who marvels at nature.
She builds an underwater library and travels eons of time to a nature before humans created culture.


Jules Verne's character Nemo inspires with his world escapism and his signature "Mobilis in mobili", a moving object in a changing medium. "Mobilis in mobili" becomes a mantra where we move with animation in time and space.


Videoloop 9,5 min

Through the library window you can see the Underwater landscape pass by.

Sound: Loopsel

2Rabbits in Purgatorio

Videoverk 5.10 min.

Regi: Mervi Kekareinen och Kristina Frank.
Musik: Klas Hjortstam

We are all atoms

Video and performance 2018

`We are all atoms´ are created together with a dancer during a month's residence at Kunstlerhaus Dortmund. At the bottom of the basement in the house is a sealed doorway to the coal mines: "Associations go to the city of Dortmund and that we humans are all part of a common system and that we together with all living things consist of the same basic elements, carbon atoms." 

Appel Pro Res 1920x1080 mov


Site specific video mapping performance Participants: Maria Holmqvist and Kristina Frank. Animation and video mapping: Kristina Frank


Sound sculpture 2018

Bakomgrönskan, Visby. “Things are crawling under my feet because the ground is loaded with life. The organism has been hidden. Now crawling out of the soil after a long and deep hibernation " 


170 cm in height


Sculpture with interactive sound work Built-in motion sensor, ardoino and speakers. Powered by power disk (/ outdoor) usb charger (indoor) Materials, styrofoam and jesmonite.


Korven kan inte vänta,

Supermarket Art Fair Stockholm 2017


Video sculpture, 9 minutes, 2017

Animation and film projected on sculpture. Materials, cardboard and cardboard tubes. Animation and mapping: Kristina Frank Film: Maria Holmqvist

The project "The sausage can´t wait" with Platform Ankaret. The artist collective Ankaret is pushing the issue of a creative center for cultural workers in central Visby. A fight against the closing of art schools and the selling of the region's houses in the inner city. "We want a vibrant cultural life all year round and not another new hotel" 

Partisipating Artists: Kristina Frank, Mervi Kekarainen, Pia Ingelse, Eva Bergenvall, Torbjörn Limé and Jessica Lundeberg

Mr and Mr Rabbit

2015 Kalliokapelli, Helsingfors

Mervi Kekareinen, Kristina Frank

Krolic tours

2015 Supermarket Art Fair Stockholm

Mervi Kekareinen, Pia Ingelse and Kristina Frank


Performance duo:

Mervi Kekareinen and Kristina Frank


Videoverk, 9:18 min, 2015.

Regi: Kristina Frank and Mervi Kekarienen.

Music: Lars Hollmer

2Rabbits visits human civilization. The landscape is surreal and magical, but there are also traces of human predation. They are open to what they see and without condemning they seem to understand. They get harmed but always succeed in their resurrection.

Peggy and Frank

Suomi Art Fair 2015

Pia Ingelse and Kristina Frank

Hem kära hem

video 17:37min 2014.
animation, design, performance och dokumentary

No one knows that Kristina actually has no home. That she prefers it that way - a permanent home is overrated. Kristina follows her heart, but she also wonders “Why is it so natural for most people, but not for me? "So she goes on a research trip to ask" What does "home for you" mean?

Producer: Saint Michaels production AB, Gothenburg. music: Klas Hjortstam


video 06:01 min 2012.

timelaps, pixelation, aftereffect, stopmotion, cutout

Experimental animation where I explore timelapse footage in combination with varied animation techniques. Documentation of changing landscapes, rural versus urban and the animal in me.

music: Klas Hjortstam.